Monday, April 24, 2006

"Pay it forward"

Not so long ago (though it seems like another life!) Sharon "pushed" me into blogging, though I insisted I wasn't ready, and was still uncertain of what blogging was... :-D. Now I've done it to somebody else!

Carpe Diem!: .....and make your lives extraordinary!

I couldn't resist the temptation of using another movie as the title of my reflection on what a memorable moment this is... The boy int "Pay it forward" suggested you had to do a favour to 3 people, not expecting to be paid back, remember? Well, as regards getting them into blogging, now I go for two more! ;-)

Sharon: watching people "open their wings" brings about an addictive feeling, I'm afraid!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Still around here... :-(

Well, it's nearly the end of April 2006... My life has moved ahead in many many aspects, and this never-ending thesis is still a pending issue in my life... For reasons I'd rather not discuss here yet, February turned out to be a very BAD month for thesis writing...

My dear Sharon emails me on several issues, and "incidentally" (always so respectful of the adult learner!) asks:

DGB, I've been wondering about the status of the "thesis." Any news that you would like to share about the state of "what's happening now?"

Pablo, a very enthusiastic student I've recently met at teacher's training college, comes up and tells me he's been browsing around and come across this blog. Encouragingly, he then posts to tell me about Magritte's "Time Transfixed" and, though I'm appalling at understanding painting, I look at it and get the feeling that there's always a chance, even when things seem to be totally "out of place".

Thanks for your invaluable support, Sharon and Pablo! I start feeling I can go back to hearing my voice and expressing it through my thesis... If the train engine has somehow been able to make its way into the chimney, getting my thesis submitted can't be that much tougher, can it?

NOTE: this picture was painted by René Magritte, the Belgian surrealist painter in 1938(/9?). You can read about this painting at the website of The Art Institute of Chicago.