Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Testing posting with Windows Live Writer

Today I'm testing a new blog editor (not even sure that's what it is called): Windows Live Writer. Friendly interface... I can even see the entry as it'll look like once published as I draft it...  That's cool!

OK, let's see if this actually produces the results promised... ;-)


Differences with posting onsite already noticed:

  • Cool options for border of images
  • Nifty easy to resize and relocate pictures (though I can only choose pictures on my disc, no URLs?)
  • There's a button to insert tables (don't remember having seeen that in Blogger editor).
  • These flowery bullets seem to be the only option?
  • I can choose for links to open in a new window
  • Choice of fonts! (size and color integrated!):-)

That's all for now.


PS: I've added some tags, but it asked me to choose between Technorati or another supplier for them?

PS2: trying to upload the image was a mess. I was taken to Picassa albums, where I found albums for all my blogs at Blogger (?!), but when I tried to add an image to an album I found no way to add one to an existing album (blank box)


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just testing posting to a blog on Blogger with Bloggar. There are several icons to help posters, so I guess my students would find it easy... and they can write their posts offline?

Let's see how it works!


Monday, April 24, 2006

"Pay it forward"

Not so long ago (though it seems like another life!) Sharon "pushed" me into blogging, though I insisted I wasn't ready, and was still uncertain of what blogging was... :-D. Now I've done it to somebody else!

Carpe Diem!: .....and make your lives extraordinary!

I couldn't resist the temptation of using another movie as the title of my reflection on what a memorable moment this is... The boy int "Pay it forward" suggested you had to do a favour to 3 people, not expecting to be paid back, remember? Well, as regards getting them into blogging, now I go for two more! ;-)

Sharon: watching people "open their wings" brings about an addictive feeling, I'm afraid!