Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Testing posting with Windows Live Writer

Today I'm testing a new blog editor (not even sure that's what it is called): Windows Live Writer. Friendly interface... I can even see the entry as it'll look like once published as I draft it...  That's cool!

OK, let's see if this actually produces the results promised... ;-)


Differences with posting onsite already noticed:

  • Cool options for border of images
  • Nifty easy to resize and relocate pictures (though I can only choose pictures on my disc, no URLs?)
  • There's a button to insert tables (don't remember having seeen that in Blogger editor).
  • These flowery bullets seem to be the only option?
  • I can choose for links to open in a new window
  • Choice of fonts! (size and color integrated!):-)

That's all for now.


PS: I've added some tags, but it asked me to choose between Technorati or another supplier for them?

PS2: trying to upload the image was a mess. I was taken to Picassa albums, where I found albums for all my blogs at Blogger (?!), but when I tried to add an image to an album I found no way to add one to an existing album (blank box)


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