Monday, August 15, 2005

"Rather blue today..."

Not my morning for virtual communication, it seems...

1. I'm facilitating an online course of Argentinean teachers. 5 days after the first message has been emailed, 20 out of 46 have not replied. I take the trouble to send a personalised message to each, resending info so that they can get started and saying "I'm really looking forward to hearing from you", which of course I mean. This morning I get a reply... "I'd rather you didn't make use of irony". Grrrrr!

2. Sharon got my draft (after several failed attempts) last week. This morning, I get feedback from her ... "crying" 'cause I've failed to leave 2 spaces after periods or respect the alignment she prefers. When I tell her I was unaware of this question of the 2 spaces, she writes back "dgb, take a look some day at all the emails that we've exchanged"... Not really sympathetic, is it? She adds she's spent the whole night awake because of the heat in her area... Well, it only shows she's human, after all...

I wanted to document this feeling, but am not in the mood to hear other peope's voices on this right now, so that's why you'll notice you're unable to post comments to this entry. (Sorry everyone!)