Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Can U get me some time???

Time! That's what I need.... I'm working most of the time... have already started fearing I might have to submit my thesis in February 2006 :-(... Who can get me some time???

NOTE: this picture was painted by the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí in 1931. It's known as Persistence of memory... You can learn more about it on Wikipedia. First picture I remember finding appealing, if that matters to anyone!

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Pablo Pecorelli said...


This is one of my Dalí favourites! I'm not going to go through well downtrodden paths (i.e philosophical questions about time), but just to tell you about another picture. This is Magritte's "Time Transfixed", which I bumped into while studying English some 20 years ago.
It appeared in a unit of a certain student book I don't remember now, but to me it reflects the fact that a badly needed period of time may be hidden in the most unusual place. Notice that the locomotive has even a shadow, which may convey the idea of "real time" (computer jargon!). The only thing one may need is the unfaltering will to keep searching for it.

Your forever grateful student,