Monday, April 24, 2006

"Pay it forward"

Not so long ago (though it seems like another life!) Sharon "pushed" me into blogging, though I insisted I wasn't ready, and was still uncertain of what blogging was... :-D. Now I've done it to somebody else!

Carpe Diem!: .....and make your lives extraordinary!

I couldn't resist the temptation of using another movie as the title of my reflection on what a memorable moment this is... The boy int "Pay it forward" suggested you had to do a favour to 3 people, not expecting to be paid back, remember? Well, as regards getting them into blogging, now I go for two more! ;-)

Sharon: watching people "open their wings" brings about an addictive feeling, I'm afraid!



Pablo Pecorelli said...

I will surely see that movie! Think this is the best place here (the 'Net) to act that soon as I become a Blog expert (if there's something like that), I'll model the behaviour!
I'm honored -to say the least- you quoted one of my comments in your blog. These spider-web references may help to make my life extraordinary, and hope everyone else's too......

Lots of love from


Anonymous said...


when Iread your comments I feel Somebody else was writing for me!!
I met you a couple of years ago in an evonline seminar & I've just came across your blog.
Go on tryying

I don't feel so lonely know with MY never ending thesis, there's someone out there who is just like me ;))

Gladys Baya said...

Well, Stella, in fact, I've found there're so many of us we should actually start a club! ;-)
Quite often, our thesis is as old as our older child... but there are many other good reasons indeed!
never mind, I've come to see the process itself as enriching... if a final product ever "crowns" it all , so much the better, but let not allow that to mar the learning experience!
Let's keep in touch!

Gladys Baya said...

Talking of getting more people into blogging, what comes next is not really what I had in mind last April, when posting that entry about "paying it forward"... I'd never have aimed this high, but life is always ready to surprise us...
Visit this wiki and follow the links on its sidebar to see a really ambitious attempt to get more people into blogging...

Oh, Sharon, if you could only see how far you've pushed me!!! I'll never finish thanking you!


Berta said...

Dear Gladys,
It seems I can´t help getting away from the topic. I was looking at the B4B Blinklist just now and ran into your site. I am sorry I was so pushy when we chatted but there are so many of our young colleagues at my university who have struggled to finish their master´s or promotion thesis that I couldn´t help it. I have been through the same process too, especially in my last promotion. I had to spend my whole vacations at home working and writing to finish what I had started a couple of years earlier. It is such a relief when one is done that I wish you can have that feeling too. My next and last promotion thesis is due October 2008 and I am already scared I won´t have it ready on time. I have gathered materials but have not read or written a single sentence yet ... I have been basically procrastinating and filling up time doing other activities I like.
Well, may we both find the time, energy, motivation and persistence to finish ours up successfully,
Berta ;-)

Gladys Baya said...
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