Monday, June 20, 2005

After "the light"... lots of doubts!!!

I've just sat down to write the "scope and focus of study"section... Feels like a new language, and not a transparent one!!!!

I wonder:
  1. should I report my questionnaires (part one and two) as two diferent interview instruments, or just one? What's worse, are they "instrument interviews"??? If not, what can I call them? And is it appropriate to write "utilized in the process of purposeful interviews" when most of the exchanges took place via email?
  2. Since my thesis needs to be printed to be submitted, is it Ok to alter the format of the questionnaires I've actually used (I'd used forms with drop boxes) when including them in the appendix?
  3. When reporting the number of people interviewed, should I include those who said they'd take part, but never got to even signing the "Human Subjects form"?

Oh! Every step is a new world!

(I'd like to include a picture here that helps me express my
mixed feelings... Don't know how to insert a picture yet! :-(!)


sharon said...
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sharon said...

Dear Wondering,

They're fine as two different research instruments. Just call them that!

Yes, to process of purposeful

Why can't you print them out with the drop boxes in them? Take a screen shot of the returned questionnaires and print out the screen shots.

Yes, of course. We won't name them but we can speculate on the reasons why they said they would participate and then they didn't.

DGB - inserting a pic is easy. Upload it into Google's "hello" program then upload it into Blogger. These programs are designed to work together.

BTW, I lost my Google desktop search today. I see that the program is installed. It's just not bringing up info on my computer. So you thought that thesis writing was tough, huh? Well, try being technology-challenged...sigh!

Gladys Baya said...

As far as I know drop boxes in Word forms can't be printed, they open one at a time (when you click on them.

2. I saw the info about Hello (and Picassa and Bloggerbot) yesterday afternoon. I downloaded Hello, failed to upload my picture, downloaded Picassa, failed again... enough for a day!

3. About your Google destop search, that's happened to me twice, the problem disappeared when I restarted my PC (?). hope the same happens to you!

sharon said...


How did you read the answers in your questionnaires? Were the answers displayed on the screen when you rec'd them back?

You don't need to print out a copy of the questionnaire if you can see the answers on the screen. You need to try and print out a copy of a screen shot (you can use the keyboard short cut to take a screen shot or one of the programs that is downloadable freeware) of the questionnaire on the screen.

Well,the Google tool bar came back in a new and improved version. I downloaded it again. It's now happily residing at the bottom of my screen. It's a good thing that I downloaded it again or I would never know about the latest version. Ei,'s the duh factor again.