Monday, June 27, 2005

Chatting with the experts

Wow! I've just finished "interviewing" (chatting on Yahoo messenger, bah!) Martin Holmes, a leading figure in computer-assisted writing. For half an hour, I totally forgot I was (I am?) a non-native speaker of English (I mean, I "forgot" what it is like to feel foreign), and I also forgot I'm "humbly" trying to make my world into the academic community... and jut enjoyed discussing a topic of common interest with "another expert"... he with the perspective of a programmer and ex-university professor in a highly developed country, I with the view of a teacher (and "just-turned researcher"?) in Argentina...

Well done, Sharon! Once again, you've helped me "use my wings"! (We should let our visitors know you've been insisting I should do this for nearly two months, right?)

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sharon said...


Isn't flying wonderful? Are you feeling that surge of power under your wings?

GFYGB - You took the plunge and it was worth it.