Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The role of the teacher in process writing.......


An interesting point of discussion indeed. I too would like to have an active discussion about this. Perhaps our readers can ask you for privileges so that they can post also. How do you feel about this? I know that it will make for a lively and varied experience. Ummm....the traditionalists vs the constructivists.

Another note for our readers:

Please feel free to ask questions and make comments. If Gladys is in agreement, then you can create your own posts regarding our ongoing conversation.



Gladys Baya said...

I love the idea of others joining in our discussion, Sharon! How do we go about it? Can't visitors to this blog post comments without my doing anything?

sharon said...


Yes, they can if they have a blogger account (ID and password)as you indicated in your email invite: "I think you'll be asked to register with a user name and password (anonymous visitors are not allowed here), but don't worry, it's free and doesn't mean you have to create your own blog or even post comments at all!"

You have to make sure that comments are allowed by checking in the "settings" area of the blog.

The other thing that I am suggesting is to give "posting privileges" to those who may want to make a contribution by entering a "new post" in the same way that you and I do. In other words, have a group blog. The benefit in this is that we don't have to keep backtracking to read comments. Ideally the conversation should keep on rolling with new posts (brain dumps) on a regular basis and comments that accompany these brain dumps. As it is now readers don't have the opportunity to make a new contribution. They are restricted to comments on existing topics.

I'm in the process of reviewing a new resource http://elgg.net/run.php that Bee suggested on TI. It seems like an elegant program and we may want to consider moving to it if it can give us the functionality that we need. I'm going to write Bee an email message today to find out more details.

TTFN - I bet that you don't know this one!

Gladys Baya said...

TT for now?


PS: I can only give posting privileges to those who ask for them, right? So far, nobody has told me so!