Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Writing interview findings...

Selected from an email to Sharon:
It's a good morning for writing, I can feel the "flow" actually "flowing" through my brain... 2 pages edited and 3 created in just two hours! Of course, I have plenty of questions, and this seems to be one of the easiest parts (I bet I'll get stuck again when I get into the "analysis"), but it feels great for a change... If you still can afford the time (before your trip, I mean), I'd need you to have a look at the edited version of the Interview Process and my first report on an interview (I'm also attaching the questionnaires, for you to refer to if necessary). You'll find plenty of questions inserted as footnotes and comments.

As I can go on working on for other 3 hours, I'll try and report on XX next, I'll send it to you before logging off, but don't worry about me if you cannot reply to me...

All my love,


PS: I'll also post the relevant sections of this email in the blog in a minute, to record my reflection... yesterday I heard teaching is one of the most cyclothymic professions... I guess my blog reflects just that!

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